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We are a multi-disciplinary production & post-production company that lives for motion design in all forms.
We specialise in design-driven motion narrative.

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Thank you to the Lucidstate team for doing such a great job and addressing all the feedback so timeously. It’s always a pleasure working with Lucidstate.
M&C Saatchi Abel

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucid on a few projects over the last year. I have worked with various production companies during my career & it is without reservation that I say most of them simply pale in comparison to Lucid. Creative, efficient, delivering way above expectations, meticulous & a helluva nice crowd.  Having said that, please don’t give them too much work – I would hate for them to be unavailable when I need them.

Everyone is so so so happy and excited about the animations, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure working with you again. I know this was a tough one, and I appreciate you taking this on! Huge well done and thank you from all involved.
The Duke Group

Working with Lucidstate is a complete pleasure. We do a lot of animatics for our clients, sometimes it feels like we do too many animatics but that’s a whole different story, but working with the guys from Lucidstate has removed a lot of the anxiety and stress that comes from completing these jobs. Even when we’ve been under huge deadline pressure, the guys and girls at Lucidstate worked their asses off to help us in any way they could.