Takealot Supersport Shools

We were briefed to create two 30 second TVCs and 8 stings for the collaboration of Takealot and Supersport Schools by making use of collage style multimedia animation. The biggest hurdle was to create a story and flow without the help of a voice over. We had to rely on visuals and the journey of the camera to tell the story. We created different worlds in 3D space using a mix of flat and 3D images, each representing a popular sports category. The products featured throughout the TVC’s were strategically placed within the world to be showcased as the camera moves into the next scene. This symbolises the process a customer would take from ordering an item online, through to delivery.

This was a very interesting project to work on because our team were really able to flex their creative muscles and go wild building these scenes.


We also created 15 second social media posts for each sport category: