This was a test to see how well Maya and Max could be integrated together.  The models were created in Maya and texture in photoshop.  They were then exported via FBX and imported into 3DStudioMax where minor model adjustments were made to the nanobot’s legs to better facilitate animation and the shutter lens was added to the eye.  The spiderbot was then rigged using CATrig and animated through an amalgamation of custom sliders and IK/FK blending.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

It was animated rolling and sliding and a custom 6 legged mech walk cycle was generated.  The final animation was then sent back to Maya where textures where corrected due to geometry alterations and the final product was rendered out.  Found footage was then tracked and a crumbling section of wall was composited into the shot for the spiders to come scurrying out of in After Effects in addition to a 3D Lucidstate Logo.

By the end of this test we were satisfied that Maya and Max can be completely and successfully integrated with each other.