Class and sophistication in the making

A visual guide to the 30 year old masterpiece taste sensation.

Lucidstate added a production arm to our already impressive post production repertoire with an exclusive video showcase of Distell’s Au.Ra.  We set out to create a classically styled and tasteful visual production to accompany the limited edition 30 year old matured brandy.  Only 107 bottles of this exclusive brandy will be released.  Each one consisting of a hand blown crystal decanter bestowed with a hand crafted silver teardrop pendant and encased by a hand carved wooden box made from the finest french oak

  The core concept of this AV was to showcase the individual artistry of the creators of this fine brandy and its casing.  The three artisans responsible for the creation of the exquisite exterior and the brandy master herself were interviewed allowing them to explain,in their own words, the level of commitment, heart and soul which was involved in the making of each of the unique elements.  These interviews were filmed individually and preluded with their own intro screens, created from photographic stills altered into 3D images with shifted parallax.

Our overall aim for the AV was to capture a sense of the personal journey encompassed in the story and craftsmanship of each piece right through to the final assembly.  We believe that end result speaks for itself with the same understated simplicity and sophistication of the masterpiece collection that is Au.Ra.