LucidJAR ignites TV chatrooms for Lenthèric SOLO and Bester Burke.

Our second succesful collaberation with JAR demanded our tightest deadline ever with no margin for error! 

Our task was to cast, shoot and post 6 commercials in 1.5 weeks! We had to make Bester Burke Slingers’ vision for the first ‘chat room’ based commercial a reality.

After a full day of casting at Lucid / JAR, JAR presented it’s top pick from the applicants to Bester Burke and then began the daunting task of organising a location and shoot within a few days!  Once the shoot was wrapped up, the post ‘grave yard shift’ kicked off at 9:30pm.  With the prospect of a client viewing at 12pm the following day looming, our 3D department still had to create a hyper-realistic pack shot with subtle animation to sell the effect of a real can. Utilising realistic cg studio lighting set-up, we created created the hyper-real result which the client had requested.

After minor tweaks to timing 2 ads were ready for flighting the following day to be aired that night.  The remaining 4 ads were completed the following week to complete the full Solo Ignite campaign in record time.

Once again LUCID / JAR proved itself to be a turn-key solution, handling evey aspect of the production from casting to final delivery.