We created this short but colourful animation to bring the 2010 soccer theme into John Dory’s franchises.

The idea behind this short was to bring the clumsy John Dory onto the soccer pitch with a touch of comedy in preperation for the 2010 soccer world cup which was being held right here in South Africa.

The project started out as a simple short, but ended up being a very technically challenging clip utilising multiple camera cuts, 2 separate environments (both the inside of a John Dory’s restaurant and a crowded stadium) and of course John Dory himself brought to life for the first time in 3D!

We created a vibrant aesthetic, which reflected the country’s enthusiasm around the world cup, by making use of different render passes which were later composited to enhance the moods at our discretion.

John Dory’s 3D persona continues undergoing refinement and he becomes more and more engaging with each new commercial!

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