Is it a bird, is it a plane … no its an invasion of vivid and some what mentally deranged stuffed bunnies.
We completed another short VFX test in which we matched lighting test matte shadows with simulated scene geometry.  The demonstration acted as a dry run in mixing real-life video footage with 3D graphics and then generating a believable composition in which all of the elements are married seamlessly together.

Having been asked by a few of our clients for this vein of work, we decided to produce an example as a proof of concept (when engaging with clients a picture always paints a thousand words!)

We made use of deliberately over-the-top texturing: vibrant hues, high saturation values and tactile surfacing to bring this muted scene to life. Sub-surface scattering was utilised to give our surfaces a soft and shaded appearance.  

The bunnies were given mech rigs to enforce a ‘stiff’ and restricted animation styling in order to sell the stuffed toy look.  The team was very happy with this project, but that didn’t stop us from lamenting the lack of time and budget to explore further.

On an aside, an army of larger than life walking talking stuffed bunnies is coming…and we have the carrots.