Lucidstate were approached to create a print ad for Hansa’s new campaign “Dream Big Be There”, of which 4 soccer fans can win tickets to go and watch an English premier league game live in the UK – awesome!

Our challenge was to create a generic and unique stadium! In order to create the ‘base’ stadium, we created the matte painting from various 2D & 3D elements look what i found. We then hand painted the highlights & stadium lights to give it the look & feel the client was after. The sky & grass was then composited into the scene and we then immediately started on the liquid splashes. These ended up being more difficult than first anticipated , as the client had a specific look they were after.

The last part of the project was compositing and colour correcting the player to match the scene and then of course the finesse finesse finesse!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The client was very happy with the end result – well done team!