Lucidstate helps Eagle Air to take flight…

In search of the ultimate cocktail flying through London, Brazil & Las Vegas 

Flight of the Fish Eagle Whiskey approched us to create a video for their stand at an international conference where they would be launching their new Flight of the Fish Eagle lounges to be placed in airports around the world.  In addition to this unique cocktails were created and named after each of the cities around the world in which the airport lounges were located.  An AV was needed that depicted these cocktails being made in their different locations around the world, which included London, New York and Las Vegas to name, but a few.

We bought stock footage of ariel views of these cities and spiced them up with some 3D VFX.  Branded billboards, signage and even other planes carrying banners where all created and comped into the footage.  And a 3D interior of a commercial aircraft was created and tracked onto all of the footage to create the illusion of the view being that of an airplane window.

The final AV was aired at the conference and drew quite a crowd.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download