Hallucinating Pluto and Lucidstate Breaking Brandhouse News 

As we near the end of the year once again, Conferences become a priority to many big businesses.  Instead of conforming to the standard state of affairs as with most conferences, Brandhouse came to Lucid and Hallucinating Pluto to add our flair to their presentations.  The theme – a prime time news style address.

Our first port of call was to create a believable 3D news studio which allowed us the mobility to create varying shots of the interior.  We also needed an actor to play our anchor man and for that we turned to Peter Greenwall, who was then filmed and  keyed into the virtual studio.

In addition to this we created intro and outro cinematics, lower thirds, swooshes and stings to make the presentation feel like a real news report.  Finally, we were also commissioned to produce the conference’s lead AV, film the event in its entirity and create a finale AV for the final day.  Feedback from the conference delegates was very positive.