Saachi & Saachi Synergize

After receiving a fantastic brief from Saachi & Saachi, we set out to challenge ourselves knowing that this was our first pure motion graphics job!!!

We had been waiting for a job like this to come around, so quickly got our talented team together and started brainstorming buy cialis online overnight shipping. For our first ‘work in progress’ client meeting, we put together a bold 5 sec piece and kept our fingers crossed. They loved it, so now we knew which direction we were going and that we had out work cut out for us!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Throughout the project, we kept on challenging ourselves by adding the finer detail to draw the viewers eye from the one paragraph to the next.

With close guidance of the creatives at S&S, we finished this fantastic piece that we are all proud of… Well done to our talented Lucidstate team!