Takealot Essentials TVC [Hard Lock-Down Edition]

This TVC was created during hard lock-down with a newly restructured studio.

Before March last year ‘zoom’ to most people (in a studio environment) meant ‘to work fast’, however that quickly changed, and now a day doesn’t go by without us huddled in front of our computers brainstorming and solving problems.

This TVC was the first opportunity to test out our new streamlined remote working setup. So as ‘zoom’ newbies, our first task was to brainstorm ‘remotely’ as a team and submit the storyboard. [see below]

Once approved, we got to work and quickly came to grips with the new working procedure. After some initial teething issues, we fine tuned this into a very smooth ride for our team.

Although this is never quite the same as working in the close proximity a studio environment provides, we adapted quite seamlessly, managing to effectively complete this project in record time – exceeding expectations and meeting the tight deadline.