Metropolitan Get-Up (2020 – current)

Welcome to the future!

From the start of 2020, Lucidstate has been creating a series of animation videos for Metropolitan. They approached us during the initial launch of their Get-Up brand to create a series of corporate explainer videos that would be used on their new website. Here, their younger target audience would be able to view and learn more about the Get-Up brand and the product range they offer.

Lucidstate took on a completely holistic approach for the client, in handling the entire project process – from start to finish. From establishing the brief and objectives of the brand to the final deliverables. Allowing the client to sit back and relax, and trust us to do what we do best – create kickass animations.

BRIEF: First, we worked closely with the client in order to establish what their goals and objectives were, as well as the timeframe, deliverables, and budget.

SCRIPT/COPYWRITING: We then took the brief and transformed it into a written treatment and script, incorporating the client’s message, objectives, and any other information that they wanted to visually portray to the viewer.

CONCEPTUALISATION AND STYLEFRAMES: We took the script and designed a few initial style frames, working closely with the client’s corporate identity to set the tone for the look and feel of the video. We also developed and designed our main character, who would help tell our story and navigate us through the video.

STORYBOARD: Once the client was completely happy with the initial look and feel, we moved on to designing the full storyboard, which included characters, environment, typography, and any other graphics. 

ANIMATION: We then got down to the fun part – animation. Here, we carefully equipped our character with a full body and head rig. Allowing him to come to life in a 2.5D space. Thereafter we animated the character as well as the rest of the storyboard elements – environment, typography, transitions, and motion graphics. 

MUSIC AND SFX: Last but not least, we added our musical flair to the video, with a music track and sound effects to compliment the visuals.